Working in a museum

What’s it like to work in a museum?

What kind of background do you need to work in a museum? Caroline Worthington, Director of the Florence Nightingale Museum, gives the benefit of her experience in this video.

The thing I really like about working in museums is the collections: what they have, what they’re responsible for. They tell amazing stories, and sometimes they’re amazing objects in their own right. And what I particularly like is sort of trying to encourage the public to engage with those objects and really think about them, and also have a god learning experience.

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I suppose if someone wanted to work in a museum and they were after some advice, I would say: get to know your local museum, first of all. See if you can help out, see if you can get some voluntary experience, and really understand what working in a museum means. There are so many opportunities and so many different types of work within a museum.

– Caroline Worthington
Director, Florence Nightingale Museum

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