Get into theatre

Getting a job in the performing arts

Students and graduates from City of Glasgow College talk about how they got into theatre and the best ways to get a job in the performing arts industry.

Probably the best thing about this job is its variety: you are never doing the same thing twice, and your day doesn’t really follow any particular pattern. It’s fantastic being able to work in a theatre building, it’s a fantastic privilege. I think you have to like people, I think you have to really also believe in this sort of really beneficial power of the arts. And that theatre and the antalya escort arts play a really valuable role in people’s lives, and everyone has the right to access that. I think you need to really believe that passionately

– Louise Brown, Creative Learning Officer


It’s all about learning and education, still, and it always will be. It’s about really getting the right qualifications that you need, but it’s also about following your heart and making sure that you don’t get stuck in a job that really does not make you happy

– Philip Howard, Chief Executive/Joint Artistic Director



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