How to get a job in digital arts

Advice for getting started in the digital arts industry, during the Open Doors event hosted by BrightLemon and powered by Creative Skillset.

The three main things we want to see: what skills do you have? What are your experiences? Both work and life experiences. And what’s your personality?
Make your CV stand out. Give us a covering letter as to why should we pick you for an interview? What do you have that others don’t?
Do your research as well. Tailor your CV to the company you’re applying for.

– John Sharp, HR & Office Manager – Brightlemon

Work on your personal skills as well. Things like HTML, CSS, Adobe, those things you can learn yourself. YouTube videos is great for that. Do online courses. Events like this would be great as well, so just be proactive.

– Maya Ophelia, Marketing Apprentice – Space Studios

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